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Why Hire an Interior Design Professional
A Bit of Philosophy

A good interior design should be a reflection of your personality, not look like a furniture showroom unless, of course, that is the way you wish to live!  Reasons to talk to me:

1.  I will help you with a plan for a vision for your room
     a.  by formulating an original design with you specifically in mind
     b.  by helping you achieve your vision (a designer may help you see your             collections in a new light)
     c.  and you may save money by making good choices
2.  To improve the functionality of the room
3.  To act as a mediator in deciding what to use and what to eliminate

I have been in the interior design business for over 30 years.  While I am dating myself, I can bring a vision to your project that is long-range and benefits from experience.  I realize that interior design is certainly a reflection of our times, yet I particularly think good design lasts.  I am a member of The Dayton Society of Interior Designers (DSID) and an Allied Member of A.S.I.D. (American Society of Interior Designers)

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Please e-mail or call me at 937-667-4225.

Anne Rettig Designs

Anne Rettig
Anne Rettig, Interior Designer
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Why Add Window Coverings?

Why should you add window coverings to your home?  Just because you see a magazine picture of a home without, do not think that indicates a “trend”.  More than likely it is indicative of cost savings for that publication – not because it is a great idea to have bare windows!  Window treatments are seldom without cost, yet they can add so much to a room!  Some liken them to a woman putting on jewelry.  Window coverings can:

  • warm up a room visually by adding color
  • physically make a room warmer by eliminating drafts or cold air, so they insulate
  • tie a room together adding contrasting touches or restating a design element
  • add to the functionality of a space, by making the space more private or aiding in light and sound control

There are many beautiful fabric shades, blinds and wonderful new drapery fabrics.  I will be happy to help you with your window covering choices.

Wallpaper is Back!

Many of the great rooms designed on the East and West coasts pictured in magazines today are wallpapered.   Since one of the reasons not to use wallpaper has to do with the ease (or not) of removing it, many of the new papers are more easily removed when that time comes.  Wallpaper adds warmth to a room as no other treatment can.